Custom Reporting

We can help revitalize your ConfigMgr reports for your organization. We know that the default reports doesn’t look that great. But they do serve the purpose. Often times the default reports reveal too much data that your end users don’t need to see. However, wouldn’t you like to show the data the current reports provides yet present the data in a nicer format and with a focus on what’s important to you and your organization?

Get RicherReports v2.0 written developed in SQL Reporting Services for Configuration Manger 2012. We have developed RicherReports v2.0 with your data in mind and from years of experience in the field. We have identified most reporting needs and requirements by organizations and have brought those ideas and incorporated them together into one customized solution. We can customize our reports to fit your services that will introduce and provide enhanced rich reports for your Configuration Manager 2012 R2 or ConfigMgr current branch. Reports are customized to your likings and based on the requirements you provide and yields the desired data points and KPI’s with graphs, bar charts, trending, and color coded trends that will bring life to your ConfigMgr custom reports.

Our reporting service solutions include data integration with other data sources as needed to enable drill-down into additional information and data points that live outside of Configuration Manager. This allows organizations to integrate ConfigMgr data with numbers of other data sources like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Oracle, SharePoint. Power BI, SQL, and other data sources services.

We built a reporting solution for software updates that provides administrators with active monitoring of deployments. With the setup and configurations of the new feature ‘subscriptions’ in SQL Reporting Services for Configuration Manager reports, this allows for automatic alerting solutions to trigger report notifications that are subscribed to by users. These report notifications can be sent at the beginning, middle and end of software update deployments cycles automatically.

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