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Have you seen the new Microsoft Intune

What is it, Microsoft Intune is the mobile device management features of Configuration Manager which is part of the Enterprise Mobility + Security, EMS as they call it. EMS includes mobile application management and conditional access.

One of the biggest things you will notice with the new version updates for Microsoft Intune is the portal. Microsoft Intune is moving to the Microsoft Azure portal for access and manageability. This move is changing the architecture of the platform. You will not have the same look and feel you have of the Azure portal, which is allot nicer that the Silverlight version of the portal.

Using the Azure portal for managing Microsoft Intune will simplify administration all together using the blades to present information and options for the features you need to manage. This makes it a bit easier to learn how to get about in Microsoft Intune.

But wait! This adds additional benefit to our already great fast deployment services for Microsoft Intune.

We can help you enable Microsoft Intune into your Configuration Manager environment or enable Microsoft Intune standalone for you in the cloud. Either way we will assist in developing a project plan for delivering the Microsoft Intune features and capabilities to allow your organization to benefit from mobile device management, application management and conditional access to help keep your data secure and safe within your own corporate environment. We will help you keep your data where it belong.

The latest update to Microsoft Intune introduces better integration with Azure Active Directory. Azure Active Directory is the authentication that is used for Intune administrative users, and Azure Active Directory groups are now leveraged for group management within Microsoft Intune. You don’t have to create a separate set of groups now. It leverages that same authentication level. This adds to the integration across Office 365, Azure Active Directory and the EMS stack.

The new Microsoft Intune architecture is built on the Microsoft Graph. The Microsoft Graph is an API layer is a single interface where Microsoft services can interact through REST APIs. This is the first time Microsoft Intune uses APIs, and changes things for partners like ourselves. We can build our own IP solutions and interact with Microsoft Intune, all without opening a browser. The Microsoft Graph API enables new reporting capabilities. We can access data streams from the Microsoft Graph and include then Power BI, SQL Reporting Services, our famous RicherReports 2.0 and other reporting tools.



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